Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DA:I - Divine Heretic

Another one of those moments that never saw the light of day, but made for some interesting and heated discussion internally. We thought it would be interesting if you gained enough power you could name yourself Divine. It would be twice as hard to do if you played as a male, and for the hardcore player it would twice as hard again to do it as a male Qunari. An effectively game and lore breaking act of heresy. Not even a little bit surprised we backed away from this one. 


  1. The emotion on those faces is a great secondary detail to get lost in. Great job

  2. Aw dam I'd loved to be a Male Qun Divine...

  3. It would be epic if you had the option as a male Qunari to name yourself divine…and then get assassinated by Leliana and Cassandra for heresy in a tear-jerky we-have-to-kill-our-friend-because-he's-insane last moment.

    (Followed by a message amounting to: load save and choose differently, dummy.)

    Beautiful picture, and the emotions on Cassandra's and Leliana's faces are simply palpable.


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