Tuesday, December 16, 2014

DA:I - Blackwall

DA:I - Inquisitor development

Sifting through the design fog until you start seeing light in the distance. These were just some of my drawings, there are even more from other members of the concept team. 

DA:I - Divine Heretic

Another one of those moments that never saw the light of day, but made for some interesting and heated discussion internally. We thought it would be interesting if you gained enough power you could name yourself Divine. It would be twice as hard to do if you played as a male, and for the hardcore player it would twice as hard again to do it as a male Qunari. An effectively game and lore breaking act of heresy. Not even a little bit surprised we backed away from this one. 

DA:I - Assassination

Envisioning one possible outcome. 

DA:I - Greater Wilderness Creatures

A couple of my favorites, which to me will always be the Dragon Bear and the Hyena Vulture. The idea was that an ecosystem that included flying tyrannosauruses would be different from the one we know today. In this case, a breed of bear that targets wyverns and dragonlings, but in the spring may even go after a high dragon. Alternately, a scavenger that has grown large and confident living off the scraps of the high dragon. 

DA:I - Anders

This did not make it into the game. It was just one of those things that got painted between DA2 and DA:I

DA:I - Storyboard for the Coronation

We had the opportunity to work with the cinematics team for several months working on storyboards. We worked fast and dirty, and rarely did less than five versions of a scene.

DA:I - Story Illustrations

DA:I - Adamant Fortress

The first drawings of Adamant portrayed it as more of a monastery, so that it would appear to be self-sustaining. The Wardens who are posted there would cultivate their own food, weave their own fabric, etc.