Monday, September 15, 2008

DS sketches

I would never have guessed that the nintendo DS could become so dear to my heart. It's great to be able to sketch color, rather than line. Definitely been good practice. Here are some of those color studies.

Bow falls in Banff

Looking at some of Bosch's paintings of hell, he made some awesome color choices, and I think they hold up to modernity really well.

These were from a walk in the park. I really wasn't able to get much more than just color dabs here, and discovered it's tough to paint outside (from reflections in the screen). I found it easiest to find a shady tree to hide under.

I came back to this one at home and added the red....thing...because I want to be cool.

On a drive with my sister, I sat in the passenger seat drawing things as they passed.

Drawing the ocean to relax.

A little guy fighting the 90's

A creature that eats trees and poops bricks. They slowly turn forests into bricked wastelands. Believe it.

Just a big cube tank in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.