Tuesday, January 4, 2011


If you have a moment, i'm curious to hear your opinion.

Why do you make art? Why do you CONTINUE to make art? What keeps you going?


  1. I just like to .. draw shit

  2. Thats a good question. I've asked myself that many times....To be honest I don't know, I just love doing it, I love seeing great art , I have a need to get better at it.
    Drawing often amuses me, I find myself having a cheeky giggle while I'm doing it very often.

    Oh well there are worse things I could be doing..:P

  3. What I do professionally is classified as commercial art, and I do it because it's a type of problem solving that I'm comfortable with but still keeps me challenged.

    However, what I do for myself, that is something I'm compelled to do, because I have the need to create things in order to feel happy. I wouldn't classify the output as art though, it leans more towards craft at this point. Making things that are both useful and beautiful gives me something positive to do with the enormous amounts of pent up energy I have that could easily turn more destructive without an outlet.

    I'm under no illusion that these little things I make will ever have a benefit on society or bring forth some greater truth. I create for myself, and sometimes for the people I love. I really don't have a reason, it simply feels good when I manifest things that never existed before. Or if they did, to make them better.

  4. because im tryin to get where u at big pimpin.plus i got alot of cool shit in ma head for a book im writing

  5. For me, to make art is to feel the flowing power of whatever spiritual force creates and sustains the universe. To try to crack the secret of what makes things beautiful, or imperfect, or terrifying, or even just cute -- it's an occult practice, closer to alchemy than anything else. To be able to WIELD that power once you understand it...it's quite a rush.

    I'm also motivated by jealousy and competition. I understand that you and your brother are men of faith, so perhaps you will relate to the struggle to purify and better your intentions. I used to feel extremely guilty about how jealous I felt toward other artists: those younger than me, more disciplined, more accomplished, and less neurotic. That jealousy and its accompanying pride were vices at best and sins at worst, I thought.

    Then, I realized that the negative emotions I felt were propelling me towards practicing more, improving my craft and creating beautiful things. Even if these emotions were toxic, they were transformed into something good in the end. It's like a Buddhist expression I heard once, that a lotus flower can bloom out of a rotting swamp. At this point, I am somewhat at peace with what keeps me going.

  6. Why do we do anything we love?

    For me the why translates into all forms of activities/crafts/creative-outlets,
    I find my reasoning for continuing what ever creative activity I'm doing boils down to:

    *joy of doing,
    Learning of something new,
    creative outlet for imagination,
    self improvement,
    rush of excitement from accomplishment,

    be it 2d, 3d, sport, martial arts, career, a game.

    As an artist; seeing others far more awesome art fills me with excitement and the urge to learn from what they have created and create art myself.
    To strive to become better and create something cool.

    This crosses over so closely into other activities for me such as skateboarding;
    imaginative creation through manipulation of a medium, rush of adrenalin, the thrill & ecstasy of landing a perfectly executed maneuver. Seeing what another has created on a spot or in a trick, the will to improve through witnessing that and wanting to create my own.

    -- Joy of just doing.

    not simply;
    "the trick is complete, that was awesome! lets do more!"

    But also the enjoyment of cruising aswell, feeling the curves in the surface and flowing with them.

    And alittle bit of knowing "hey I'm one of those extraordinary people, not of the norm, I'm doing something creative that the vast majority is not, and I'm happy doing it, it IS what makes me happy"

    So I guess overall for me it's Happiness.

    What about you?

  7. hi hi

    It is the one thing I can do well, maybe it will even work out alright in the end if I keep at it.

  8. Hello there,

    For me, its simple: just to get out of the real world. And I would say to get ideas out of my brain because sometimes they just don't fit inside :).

  9. Matt. So many thoughts have come to mind. I'm spending much longer thinking about this reply than I had intended! I'll try to sum up my thoughts:

    -Creation is exciting. Creation is God-like. It results in a powerful feeling when you've created something to your satisfaction.

    -Possibilities are infinite. It's a constant challenge. You'll never be "good enough" and you'll never run out of things to learn.

    -Producing creations is a way to seek to understand oneself. You find who you are, as your art defines you.

    -Releasing your art onto the world is like calling out and waiting to see who responds. When they do, you find that you are not alone. (The same goes for the observer, for that matter. You find someone has spoken directly to you, you are not alone.)

    Good question. Glad to read everyone's answers!

  10. I don't know.

    Maybe because it's too late to do anything else.

  11. Great question! My answer: I make art because when I don't, it's like a part of me is silent. I make art because it helps me feel alive, like anything worth doing. I keep going because of my family, their passion for life inspires my passion for art. I know that sounds cheesy but it's the truth. I keep going because I don't ever want to be a person who says "I can't draw". SO! I can't skydive either but that doesn't mean I won't try it. I'm not saying it's important like drinking water and it may not keep a roof over your head but art is something that anyone can control and have access to, even if it's just a little doodle on a napkin that no one will ever see. But you can say "I created that". "I made it."

  12. To express my inner world I guess. But also because I can lose myself in it, I can shot down to the world and my own worries when I draw. Next to that it is because I've chosen to do it as a career, a professional illustrator, it's my everyday 'duty'.

  13. I make art because I have pictures and stories are stuck in my head and I need to get them out.

    I continue to make art because it feels gratifying and rewarding...

    What keeps me going is:
    1. my friends and families support (whether Im making money out of it or not)
    2. a deep desire to impress people or change how they look at something (for the better)
    3. a need to improve or do better than the last drawing

  14. Bliss. It's my drug of choice. I'm still learning. I had a few years of not doing much artistic work, no wonder I felt so lost back then. I love sorting through the insanity of imagination. Ambition and the need to develop my skills, motivates me.

    When it comes to feeling inferior.. Well, I can't help that. But I value it, because it's pushing me forward. Even though it can put the breaks on my own work. I just need a good book on anatomy and stick to my guns. Worrying about stuff like that for too long is not healthy.

    You're an inspiration.

  15. .it's a way of getting stuff out of my mind that i can't do any other way, and it just feels nice to create something

  16. Cause I don"t have any other choice.

  17. To learn; to map imagination; to discover more things to draw!

  18. Welp, I've only just found your blog, after a looooong time of hoping to stumble upon it. Glad Bioware finally did your interview so I could awkwardly stalk you here! I'm a huuuuuge fan of your art. I think you've got a fantastic style, and do wonderful design work. I love seeing everything you produce, and I'm glad I can see more of it now!

    That would probably be my answer to your question, too. Because there are people like you out there showing the "younger generation" (lame, sorry) what we can do if we stick to our guns. :D

    So, really, thanks for being an inspiration! I'd have dropped out of uni and given up by now if it wasn't for awesome people like you.

  19. I used to make art because I loved doing it. I remember spending hours and hours drawing from comic books and nintendo game guides.

    I can't decide why I make art now. Part of me wants to say I still love it. I find every night that goes by that I don't draw or paint, the night is wasted. It's an almost disturbing feeling. I will often find myself frozen, unable to really do anything.

    Anyway, kind of a dark answer, but my answer nonetheless. Keep up the great work, Matt!

  20. This is really something that I have seldom thought about. I once rationalized that I work in games because it is the one art form which I can physically give someone the ability to exerience through my imagination stories which are trapped in my mind, however through life I truly just believe that I do it to be in awe and in the hope that the things I create reflect the ability I've been given. There are artists who I look upon their works and just feel utterly complete and full of joy knowing that such blessings have been bestowed and that such talent is out there. I hope to add to it.

  21. Well when something really inspires me, it could be a movie, a song, some place, something that happened to me, whatever, it triggers me to make art. I don't do it thinking 'I'm making art', i kinda focus myself on the inspiration the story/feelings/ideas i'm thinking. When i try to do something thinking 'i want to make art', then it simply doesn't come out, makes me stuck.So I guess I continue making it, cause i'm continuely surrounded by it, i'll keep doing as long all those things still inspire me. It's kinda of satisfying for me to be able to create something.

  22. I got to ask you, what keeps you going?
    because personally, it gets so hard to continue striving for that dreams when you see such amazing work, and not feeling or seeing yourself making that jump you want.
    Sometimes, I just want to stop because I am not seeing myself getting any better despite all the work I put in.

    What keeps me going is not wanting to let down any of the people that believe in me. And the passion that I have for wanting to create things.
    I keep doing art because it's the one thing that I see myself doing. That I strangely can see a career.

  23. Because Its a love hate relationship. I can pour hour into an image and be totally satisfied with it. then take a look at your blog and realize how much more i need to improve. It's that pursuit that keeps a pencil clenched in my hand.

  24. Because I love looking at and drawing pictures. When I look at others work (like yours) I always say to myself, I want to be able to draw/paint that well one day. :/

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  26. Probably because it's the way that, for me, is the most effect method for telling the kind of stories or conveying ideas and emotions that I want to communicate to an audience. Writing is amazing, but it's so much more time consuming and you have to get someone to actually sit down and read it before they know what to think of it. With visual media, you can tell everything in a matter of seconds if you're good at it.

    So I guess that's why I draw, and what keeps me going. While I've been experimenting with writing and music, art is my most effective way at sharing what's in my head with the rest of the world. And in turn it helps me make sense of the world.

    I feel like there's more I can say on this but I'm tired as hell. But I want to continue this line of conversation at some point with you.

  27. I have spiritual needs that are met by it, as I commune with God exploring my creation-ary nature, we are made in His image, and He is a creator right?

    Why do I make the kind of art I make? (game oriented concept art)
    Because I remember my childhood playing games. That feeling when I'd see myself as an awesome hero, fighting terrifying villains, exploring fantastic worlds... And I want to pass that bug to others.

  28. it's in our natures to create and destroy just like we love and hate. I guess some people are drawn more to one or the other. I happen to love creation, both the physical world around us, and the act of giving form to imagination.

    It satisfies a need and a desire within to emulate God in some small way.

  29. I love it. It makes me happier when I'm sad and makes me more stabile in emotional way. I can start do something when I feel boredom. I can mind something else and run into piece of paper when it's too much things around me.

  30. Because I want to, and I have to. My art is me. And everyone is their art. A world without art is like a world without life.

  31. every day I do a trace on paper, and do not know why, or under the stairs to get to work and I come to mind images, illustrations, imaginary, is daily and not the why of it all. But it helps me get through the day to day which is already much

  32. As much as I try to find a reason - as much as I wish I could find a reason like a lot of those listed here - I can't say I know why anymore. When I was younger it was for pleasure, but now I've started down an artistic career path I suppose it's because I have to. I'm beginning to find it more of a chore than anything, I feel like I have some sort of permanent artistic block which I'm forced to break through on a regular basis to meet deadlines. Sadly I'm beginning to think I made the wrong choice to turn art into something more than a hobby.

  33. That's a silly question.
    Why wouldn't I make art?

    Some people are creative consumers and others creative contributors.
    For those in the latter category, there really is no other choice. :) It's simply who I am.

  34. Why? Why are you even asking us, why? Don't you know yourself? Only question that floats through my mind when I draw and the ball starts rolling is, why not.

  35. I want to see what's in my head outside of my head.

  36. I like solving problems and seeing improvement with time, it gives purpose and meaning to my life. Art and Design will never end, there is always something to learn and get better at.

    I think that sums it up for me.

  37. Because building a time machine and/or looking for magic powers wasn't a viable option for a career.

  38. The better question for me is how can I NOT make art? I love the fact that I can picture things in my head, and then visualize them in front of me. Not only that, but every time I visualize my ideas or observe what I see in real life, I improve. The best part of art for me, however, is when I skim through my older sketchbooks from previous years and I say, "wow, did I REALLY get that much better?".

    Basically, on one hand pursuing art is a bit self-indulgent, but it's also incredibly rewarding when I discover something new or when I am truly proud of the work I've put in to improvement.

  39. Because it is an itch that I cannot scratch. Even though I am sub-par; I feel that drawing is the only thing that I can do/want to do.

  40. (1)I picked up a Spider Man comic book and it changed my life. Even at a young age I understood how powerful a picture can be. It sounds so cheesy but its the truth. Peter Parker was a less fortunate person and he still felt the need to help others...it was his duty. If a comic book inspired me to be a better person (also really my great parents) what can a movie or game do? I believe it is our duty to inspire the world. As artist we see the world differently. Its our job to show the world how beautiful it is. And when I say beautiful I don't mean the obvious stuff...I mean the things we over look. Everyday when I wake up thats the first thing I think about.

    (2) Art is a form expression. I feel the need to express myself. Even If I was blind or had no hands I would still find a way to be expressive. If I don't I think I would turn green and destroy cities heheehehehe.

    (3) Art is infinite! It's a real life MMO. You can never master it. There is always some way to improve or to do something bigger and better. There is no limit to how far you can push yourself.

    I have a lot more to say but I should be drawing lol.

  41. Art is great due all its choices. One day, you can sculpt an awesome sci fi character. Another day, you can draw some neat environment art.
    There is a lot more aspects of art and its up to you to just pick up one aspect and get good at it. When I know how to create characters decently, I'm aiming for creating enviroment art someday.

    Keeps me going.

  42. Probably a repeat answer, but I remember when I was a kid I could spend all hours of the day drawing. Ninja Turtles mostly. I remember that hunger..that desire to go straight home after school and build the lego characters I wanted, and draw the pictures I wanted to draw to output the stories I made up when I was daydreaming in class. For me, that was always the most pure reason. Now, however, I only wish to go back to that feeling. I suppose that is why I do art, to output in whatever medium I can get my hands on to be a kid all over again.

    Allright, Matt. Let's hear it! :)

  43. >Why do you make art?
    I'm an artistic person. I need to create.

    >Why do you CONTINUE to make art?
    Because that's the way I live.

    >What keeps you going?
    It's almost always an adventure into unknown lands. I like it.

  44. Its just what i do.. I guess... I get alot of satisfaction and accomplishment for just finishing a piece and having people like what i do. guess it makes my life feel meaningful.

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  46. If I keep doing it, one day I'll be able to do it well.

  47. I struggle with that question every day, every time I try to draw.

    But I find my brain shuts down and drawing/art becomes my world. Everything else melts away and the lines, colors or polygons become a new world for me to experience.

  48. I love to experience and tell stories. I especially love the characters that drive them. Drawing helps me visualize and realize them.

  49. I can pinpoint the time when I really fell in love with art, and that's when my parents bought me "Dinotopia" when I was 6 years old. I used to look through that book over and over and marvel at how somebody could take something from their imagination and make it REAL. Real enough for me. From that time on I wanted to have that ability, that power. To make my thoughts real and be able to share them.

  50. Because I like to let my mind, my whole imagination go wild. I want to create worlds full of wonder and miracles. People, animals, all sort of creatures... the possibilites are endless. I write and recently, I draw. People like you are my drive, because I can see your Art "breathing". Until my Art can "breathe",too, I draw and draw until I´m there. And beyond.

    Please excuse my English, my Hands are a bit tired.

  51. I make art because it is an extremely enjoyable and relaxing hobby, something I've taken pleasure in doing since I was around four years old. It also brings me much needed confidence as a non-confident individual. There is a particular and peculiar joy in being able to create life upon paper [my preference is realism]; drawing an eye so real that looks as if it will wink at you.
    However, this is merely a dream of mine. While reality proclaims that I am eons behind thousands or hundreds of thousands of artists in skill and talent, I suppose it is my need for perfection that keeps me going; an obsession that leaves me running after an unobtainable goal.
    But, I also continue to draw in hope of being able to recreate reality and reveal its beauty for the sake, pleasure, and enjoyment of others; and thus their happiness is my own.
    Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.

  52. I love to draw.
    Pure and simple.

  53. Because my mind is overflowing with crazy ideas and concepts. Because there's something magical about penvil and a paper.

    It's more like, "why would I NOT draw?"

    Refusing to do art in any form woild be impossible for me.


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