Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DA:I - Overgrowth

Two more images I've worked on have been released. Seems to make sense to put these two together.


  1. They both look amazing but the second one stands out (to me) as particularly beautiful.

  2. Dude your work is incredible, i found your story "My Hero" on a different site and after seeing more of your work u just got an other fan :). Hope i can see more of your work ,and i hope even more that u make more comics.

  3. Both gorgeous, in particular I love the feeling of scale in the first image.

    If the world/level designers are able to render that out the game world will be amazing.

    I went mod-crazy on Skyrim recently and fell in love with the game overall. Having anything approaching that level of depth in the Dragon Age world with aesthetics driven by a team of artists like yourself. Rad.


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