Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gray Mouser at the Bazaar of the Bizarre

One of my favourite scenes from Fritz Leiber's Swords and Deviltry. I wanted to take my time with an image, and the intriguing, claustrophobic bazaar seemed like the ideal challenge.

This time around, I made sure to save some process images.
I started with simple two inch thumbnails until I found a composition I liked. Then I pencilled up the image at 11x17. Once the pencils were scanned, I did a "lighting sketch" to figure out some of the volumes and light sources. From there I did a clean line drawing (my favourite stage). Finally, I just spent some time moving around the image, cleaning up the values and adding little details.


  1. Really great process! Love seeing sketches to finished work!

  2. This is amazing work. Really love it and the Rothfuss piece.I'm also curious what other fantasy fiction you enjoy.

  3. Also, does make me curious what your Fafhrd looks like!

  4. Its fantastic, mood is great, and it pulls me inside and the story behind this!
    sketches and process are awesome too!!

  5. That is awesome work. I am stoked to see some extracurricular stuff from you.

    Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar stories are my favorite. Great work rendering one of the creepier stories.

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  7. very spectacular work in progress

  8. love the little tags on everything! :)


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