Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DA:I- Leap


  1. This looks amazing! If they'd manage to bring some moments like as playable scenes into the game... that would be plain awesome!

  2. Love the perspective, love the sense of motion - great stuff!

  3. YEAH!
    Who wouldn't want to be in that guy's boots. :)

  4. I only stumbled across your blog today and have spent hours going through your stuff. Amazing! I love the concept arts from Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but the new stuff from Inquisition is extremely intriguing, too. You are very talented and generous for sharing all of this with us. Makes it so much easier to bear the long wait for DA:I.
    I envy you so much for being able to work on these games. For me, that would be a dream come true. But alas, as this cannot be, I'll just take the second best thing and play the games, then.

    This picture appeals to me especially because it has such a great dynamic. I can all but feel the speed of the passing dragon and the air woosh around the leaping character. Amazing.


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