Saturday, August 31, 2013

DA:I - Surrender


  1. In this image, the Inquisitor is standing ''contrapposto". A common stance for men and women where weight is shifted to one leg.
    If our spines didn't have several curves in them this pose would be impossible (and any other pose as they would be structurally unsound).
    I also have to add that I resent what felt like a sharp accusation about the level of my respect for women. I have the utmost respect for women. This image and the character portrayed were created in collaboration with various women in the studio. If something specific offends you about it I would ask you to look at the overall theme and tone being presented, and also to examine it critically with the other Inquisition concept art and screenshots that have been released. I feel confident that if you can do so honestly, you'll have a clearer picture of not just mine, but the rest of the development teams hard work to promote inclusivity and equality to all genders and races.
    Thank you.

  2. Whoa, big fuss. Was just one comment about one picture. No comments on any studios or anything. Sorry.

    That said, there are ways and ways to support most of one's weight on one leg.

  3. Way to go posting confrontational comments, whilst using blanket of anonymity... said another anonymous. Sorry, I could not resist the opportunity to "scold".

    Anyway, back to praising schedule, your art is brilliant Matt, please do ignore the poster above. I particularly love this piece (can't wait for playing Kossith Inquisitor), her pose is great. I often stand like that and I definitely do not picture myself as a stripper O.o

  4. To the complaining anonymous:

    What you call 'curved' spine is the inevitability and fact of anatomy of both male and female body. It's called Lumbar curve (lordosis). Even 2meter tall hulky men have it.

    Interesting fact in relation to this game, if spine bones do not grow normally including lordosis - the 'feminine' curve, it can cause dwarfism. Since Qunari aren't dwarfs, you'll just have to take a napkin and cry out your sorrow and frustration and take your imaginary sex/gender war elsewhere.

    Matt: It's great to finally see a Qunari in action! Please post more asap!!!

  5. Hi Matt Rhodes - what a well phrased response. Having read that, I am even more excited to see what may come of DA:I. I appreciate all the work of you and your teammates. And, thank you for posting these images; they are equally exciting!


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