Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DA:I - War Room


  1. Very nice - I love the character designs!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Thank you for sharing these amazing art works! That said would you mind if I would make an armor like the one on the guy that sort of looks like Cullen? I just want to build a 3d model of Cullen for my self and would like to use that outfit as a guide if that is ok with you

  3. The third character from the left? That's Cullen's face, I'm willing to bet money on it.

    I'm guessing he parted ways with Templars, judging by the generic armor.

  4. Cassandra's just like:

    "Hey, that's my bit, stabbing maps dramatically! Stop stealing my thunder!"

  5. What happened Five Seconds Ago:
    Inquisitor: Hey guys....
    Everyone Else: -arguing loudly-
    Inquisitor: -stabs map- SHUT UP!
    Everyone Else: .......


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