Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DA:I - Desert Rider

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been released at last! Which means we finally get to show a sliver of the artwork that went into its creation. To kick it off, today I'm posting the desert rider "beatboard" (I'll start with spoiler free images).

A lot of these images will be in the art book (available now), and some may not.


  1. My computer decided to explode this past weekend so I cannot partake of the DA:I yet. It sits in it's shrink wrap fortress, mocking me.

    I picked up the DA:I artbook though. It is a back breaker but I am dedicated to dragging it around in my backpack anyways. You and the whole team on DA:I should be super proud, the breadth and depth of art in that book is staggering. Good work and thanks!

  2. Thank you! That means a lot, and I'll pass it on to the team!


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