Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DA:I - Frozen Wastes

We were discussing some of the many stories you might come across as you explore the wilderness and this one begged to be drawn.

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  1. Although I only just discovered your work, thanks to a selection of your work in a feature on Kotaku, I absolutely love it.

    It's bright, vibrant and in an industry chock filled with dark, gritty and realistic games (with concept art to match) it's so refreshing to see cartoon based art, I say this is a gamer who is bored of realism and an artist myself who has grown a little tired of being put down.

    I'm studying Games Art at University in England and my main art style is rather cartoony and even though I'm comfortable drawing like this and produce my best work this way, I am told to focus much more on realism, with people telling me that the industry only wants realistic, dark concept art. Thank you for giving me hope that I could maintain my style and still work in the industry, thanks so much.

    Oh and thanks again for your part in creating the beautiful world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, this piece in particular is jaw droppingly gorgeous.


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