Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DA:I - Dragon Armor

The iconic dragon helmet was designed by the marketing department. It was the only time on the project that we were handed a design. This presented a unique opportunity: create a suit of armor that puts the dragon helmet in context. This was an attempt to say "dragon" without being too obvious about it (my first attempt looked like a ridiculous mess of spikes and scales).

(and no, that mubari didn't make it into the game)

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  1. That armor is pretty much what hit the game. I think I got those as my Deluxe edition goodies. Pretty pimp sir.

    About to hit the 100 hour mark and only just got to the Skyhold. This game is going to have it's hooks in me for quite some time.

    My crew is currently Cassandra, Blackwall, Solas and my man-dude(Lucas/Bow-Rogue) but I like all of the players so far.

    If there was a DLC pack that was just the Bull's Charger's I would play the crap out of it. Even a spin off game like XCom style with those characters.

    I feel like a kiss-ass always being stoked about what you are putting up but stop being cool.


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